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Default Re: Holman Williams vs Luis Manuel Rodriguez: Greater Fighter

Originally Posted by the cobra View Post
Rodriguez: 107-13 49 KO's -
Emile Griffith, Curtis Cokes, George Benton, Benny Paret 2x, Yama Bahama 2x, Chico Vejar, Rubin Carter 2x, Holly Mims, Joey Giambra, Isaac Logart, Virgil Akins 2x, Bennie Briscoe 2x, LC Morgan, Denny Moyer, Tony Mundine, etc.

Discuss and argue and berate.

(You can match them H2H too, if you want. Whatever)
Funnily enough I came across the following list when looking to see what footage of Gomeo Brennan was about to add to what I have.

Notable wins:
Emile Griffith (arguably a few times)
Curtis Cokes (1-2)
Rubin Carter x2
Bennie Briscoe x2
Benny Paret x2
Virgil Akins x2
Joe Miceli
George Benton (first man to stop him, on cuts)
Tony Mundine
Isaac Logart
Joey Giambra
Holly Mims (took the fight on a little over a weeks notice)
LC Morgan
Vicente Rondon (1-1)
Denny Moyer
Wilbert McClure x2
Yama Bahama x2
Luis Federico Thompson
Kid Fichique
Chico Vejar
Gomeo Brennan
Johnny Gonsalves
Jose Monon Gonzalez x2
Juan Carlos Rivero

I've added a few and made some amendments. Will McGrain do an in-depth version for Williams?

EDIT: What does anybody know about Dave Hilton, the dad of the notorious Hilton brothers? Any good as a fighter in his own right?
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