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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Charlie Magri Vs Fred Gonzalez


Vulnerable banger Magri is down early again, this time buckled by a wide Cotto-esque left hook at the hands of journeyman Freddy Gonzalez right at the beginning of the first round, although he steadies himself. He then has his legs taken completely away from him by the same shot a few moments later. Magri weighed in a lb heavier than Gonzalez, but the Mexican looks bigger, and while basic is landing the sharper shots.

In the 2nd round Magri uses his amateur experience, he's no Willie Pep of course but he picks his shots, throwing tight one-two's to the head to distract and then lumping Gonzalez to the body hard.

In the 3rd Gonzalez show why he's not made much progress in his career, as he now looks very sloppy, dropping into southpaw and bombing wildly with looping shots from either hand. Magri weathers the storm and avoids most of it, before backing Gonzalez up with body shots, and when that doesn't do the job he fires in a short right uppercut with knocks the disheartened import off his feet for the count.

Roman Gonzalez Vs Stiven Monterrosa

GONZALEZ: 1(+1); 2(+1);

El Chocolatito is always nice to watch, and this is his most recent outing, where he looks pretty destructive. At the top level he doesn't appear a massive puncher above straw, but he demonstrates an Arguello-esque left hand to beat his man down. He drops him again in the 2nd and the fight is waved off in the 3rd,. The Colombian opponent was throwing back but is absolutely woeful and completely outclassed.

Since the dissection of Niida blew my mind all those years ago, I've been worried about Gonzalez's development. Most of the better guys have an easier night with the dependable Chango Vargas. Hopefully see Gonzalez in with a top notch challenge soon, Segura or Concepcion would be a nice step up. I know little about this Estrada he's down to fight next.

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