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Default Re: If YOU were Joe Calzaghe, would you come out of retirement to fight Andre Ward?


Part 2.

I didn't realise Roy had trouble getting motivated for the Calzaghe fight.
Roy was very motivated for the fight with Joe. But Alton Merkerson at every opportunity, was telling people that Roy looked amazing, and he was doing things in the gym better than what he'd done 10 years ago etc. There's no way Merk really believed that, he was just giving Roy a confidence boost in front of the media.

I appreciate that Joe hugely contradicted himself trying to make out that Roy was a threat by that stage. I don't think he really believed any of it. I bet Joe could hardly believe his luck, he got paid $10m to fight a Roy Jones who posed little threat. I didn't bother to stay up and watch that fight, I just caught the replay on Setanta in the morning. It was actually a great display by Joe, I think he would have beaten any LHW in the world at that time on that particular night.
I can't agree that it was a great display, because like you say, he knew Roy was no longer a serious threat.

Steve Bunce just tows the line I'm sure in a few years time he'll be telling us about how George Groves is the best SMW ever, would have beaten Benn, Eubank, Calzaghe etc.
Ha! Like I said, he was only doing his job. But I was just sat there shaking my head, when he was hyping the Trinidad win, just 8 months after he'd dismissed it.

Yeah Pavlik would have been a much better fight

But I don't think it would have drawn in similar PPV numbers. I don't think Joe would have gotten the same money. I remember them saying the PPV numbers weren't great because of the economic climate back at that time, it was bang in the middle of the recession.

I think Hopkins-Pavlik did even worse, and Bernard had a bigger US fanbase than Joe.
Fair enough.

Sorry if I wasn't clear mate, Andre Ward is easily better than Lacy no doubt

My point was about perceived threats, and Lacy was perceived as a huge threat. He was bombing guys out. One thing I hate in boxing is the revisionism, people say the Lacy win wasn't much because of what he did after, but you have to look at where the fighters were going into the fight, and Lacy was the next big thing.

Ward though is the much better boxer, but lacks the punch. I don't think he has the same fear factor Lacy had. It's all hypothetical, but Joe had dealt with spoilers before, and he fought the ultimate spoiler in Hopkins and won.

I respect your opinion though
Fair point, and obviously we don't how Joe would see things. I understand where you're coming from, when you say Lacy had the most fear factor. He was more dangerous. But again, Andre is the better fighter, and would have been a bigger threat to Joe.

- Joe Calzaghe from the Jeff Lacy fight v Andre Ward from the Chad Dawson fight

If you had to, who would you put your money on?

I'll go with Calzaghe in a 116-112, or 115-113 type decision.
Honestly? I don't know. I could see them both winning a decision.

I know you don't agree, but like I said previously, would Joe be fired up and wanting to fight Andre? If he was active today? I don't know!

I think it would be a very very close fight, and as I say, I can't really give an answer. I can envisage Joe outworking him, but I could see Andre frustrating Joe, and just edging it.

I agree that Dawson would have been the better, more interesting fight. But I disagree when you say in 2002 nobody wanted Jones-Calzaghe, there was demand and even Roy spoke about it after the Clinton Woods fight. I understand the reasoning that Joe didn't bring enough to the table, and it's similar with Dawson. He's the legit LHW champ, yet for his biggest fight he had to come all the way down to SMW, and travel into his opponents backyard. Dawson is a good fighter, but what did he bring to the table?
There wasn't a global demand for a fight with Roy in 2002. In Britain they would have been, but HBO weren't really interested, and again the American PPV fans, had hardly seen Joe, and when they had, he hadn't impressed.

When Roy spoke of it after Woods, it was just an option til Murad came back with an answer on Ruiz. Even if Ruiz hadn't have gone through, he wouldn't have fought Joe anyway. He'd have fought Tarver.

You're right about Dawson, and he cashed out against Roy, and we probably would have done the same, if we'd have been in his position. But again, a little honesty wouldn't have gone amiss.

No worries, after Ward won the Super 6, the fight everyone wanted was against Bute.

Ward quickly dismissed Bute and said he has nothing to prove, and that he was taking a long lay off. Basically he didn't want to fight Bute. Which is fair enough, Ward has been on a tough run.

Then, bizarrely after Bute-Froch is signed and announced, Ward comes out and says oh that's a shame, I wanted to fight Bute.

That was a complete lie, he had his chance, Bute said he'd fight him in NYC, Vegas or Oakland and Ward ignored it, then made that comment months later.
I'm surprised at that.

What do you think will happen in the Froch vs Bute rematch? Did you say you went to the 1st fight?

I think a rematch with Froch is high risk, low reward. I think Carl gave him a tough fight first time around, but Ward has nothing to prove by beating him again.
I agree. I don't think he'll want to unify the division, because he's already beaten Carl pretty easily.

I read that Magee-Kessler is a box off to become Ward's mandatory, but surely no-one wants to see Ward-Kessler 2? I think Ward should stay busy and active, not fighting once a year like he's Floyd Mayweather, staying active is how you build a fanbase. Then the big fights will come up. I'd still like to see Ward-Bute, I know Froch thrashed Bute and Ward beat Froch, but styles make fights.
I don't think we'll see a Kessler rematch.

I'd like to see the Bute fight, and of course you're right, styles make fights. But I think if Carl knocks Bute out again, (which I think he will, because I think Bute will be psychologically damaged from the first fight, and Carl will just jump straight on him) I don't think anyone will be that bothered about a Bute vs Ward match.

So I think he'll definitely be at 175 within the next 12 months.

Just reply back whenever mate, hope you've had a good weekend.

Regards, Loudon.
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