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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Luis Concepcion's last few:

Vs Odilon Zaleta


Boy, oh, boy El Nica has not learned anything since his shocking 1st round loss to Marquez. He has no nous whatsoever and gets caught flush wherever he is, here by Zaleta's straight punches early. But in the 2nd round Concepcion steams out and blasts Zaleta with a right uppercut that only seems to graze him but knocks him over. He gets up, clear headed and looking a bit like Christian Mijares funnily enough (hair and face, a bit) before stupidly and recklessly trying to punch it out with Concepcion to show he's not hurt. Well, he didn't look to be but he's heavily deposited on the seat of his trunks again by a big left hook in an exchange after just being clobbered by a heavy right hand. The same combination follows shortly after, and the game Mexican (then 14-1) is saved from himself as he tries to rise again.

Vs Oscar Gallardo

Hapless Mexican journeyman gets warned to fight then blown away as soon as he's in punching range.

Vs Pablo Carillo

CONCEPCION: 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 8

Undefeated Colombian Carrillo weighed in a little over the flyweight limit and Concepcion was a super fly and looked a good couple of weight divisions bigger on the night. Carrillo had a horribly padded record and not much of a dig but fought with guts although he was a track runner at times.

Concepcion bossed the 1st, and while the Colombian landed many, many counter hooks with each hand in the 2nd he was hurt by the straight right to the gut a few times and outworked.

If Luis' defence is bad, Carrillo was completely open for uppercuts, and got hit by so many in the early part of round 3 that it worked him into a frenzy, and he seemed to get El Nica's attention with a blitzkrieg. Still, he was hurt badly late on in the round as well, so I felt Concepcion put another round in the bank. Took the 4th and 5th too, though the Colombian upped the ante late on to try and steal the rounds and caught the Panamanian power puncher with some clean counters, with sloppy, wide punches (doesn't have much in the way of a job or know what a straight right hand is apparently)

In the 6th round Concepcion evades the Colombian's late flurries with ease, clowning him a bit. Yeah, that's how sloppy this kid is. His late flurry in the 7th snatched it from Luis as he seemed a little jarred by a couple of the shots.

Concepcion pressed the fight throughout, outlanded Carrillo (who only punched in bursts) and looked to land the more effective blows. Cannot see how it could be close and why they're rematching just because the Colombian moaned about it I don't know, he should be happy with his moral victory of lasting the 8 round distance against a dangerous puncher.
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