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If your doing normal squats then your thighs/quads dont go past parallel. When you go past parallel that is a deep squat and you wont be able to squat as much doing deep squats and should use a lighter wieght.

For bench, do 1 set of max per week but dont add any more than 5-10 pounds (at most) per week. Alot of times you wont even be able to add that. Also look up adding strength to your bench on yahoo or google for more tried and tested ways.

Instead of just trying to get that 5th rep at whatever kilos add more wieght and only do 1 or 2 reps. Your 1-2 rep max is where you will gain your strength.

So your wanting to add strength and lose fat? Losing fat is all in your diet and as far as gaining strength at the same time your good as long as your not worried about putting on muscle mass. You can gain strength and cut fat but if your wanting to maximize ethier you need to focus on one or the other.

And your only a month into it. Your not gonna be shredded yet, it takes time just stay dedicated. That being said you have probably gained more than you realize.

Google this stuff you will find far more info that way. And info that will explain the science behind this stuff.
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