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Default Re: YOU vs Ed O'Neill in a submission grappling match

Originally Posted by Wisdom View Post
No way thats ridiculous to think,

Even Rogan knows the reality that he's no where close to being on a professional level of fighting and fitness

youve completely missed my point.. im not saying joe is cage ready tomorrow. im saying his residual fitness I.E his core strength, flexibility, muscular endurance and the things that take time to build are on par with a professional fighter.. fighters dont train like your video year round but they still walk around far fitter than the average man. and thats where joe is. the guy can do 44 dips, he can do the splits standing and trains kettle bells and jiu jitsu every day. he could be cage ready in 4 weeks no problem at all. al bundy would be lucky to be cage ready in 8 months.
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