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Default Re: THE MANSFIELD TAVERN. a dump for boxers?

Originally Posted by swingin View Post
years ago i sparred john siriotis (the territory tiger) and paulo pinto, out the back of a pub in darwin. there was a full sized ring set up out back of the pub, under a roof with chairs round the thing. it was a bit of a unique set up. something youd expect in the territory in the late 80's.

but this is the 21 century. so some dudes are putting bums against eachother in that dump in the mansfield tavern. how low can boxing go? what happened to town halls, big footy clubs (NRL or AFL)? why has boxing gone so low as to fight in such obscure, **** houses like the mansfield tavern?

boxing has lost all respect for itself. however, football clubs and boxing are a great fit. the crossover of footballers and boxing creates great public interest. interest and publicity you cant buy otherwise.

stop this low rent ****. get out of dives like the mansfield tavern and go a bit upmarket in the established, well presented, well patronised AFL and NRL clubs.
Mansfield Tavern is not the best venue in Brisbane I agree with you on that. Hopefully you will see a change in 2013

It has had work done recently and is not too bad though.

Which of these AFL / NRL clubs are you banging on about in Brisbane?

Lions? they dont have a club.
Broncos? There room is tiny with about 1/3 the capacity of Mansfield.

All good to carry on like a pork chop but without providing an alternative venue you are just talking out your ****.
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