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Default Re: Daniel Geale on being stripped of his belt

Originally Posted by ALTogethernow View Post
Mundine did call out Kessler, never was an organised fight, went down in weights (If you had any ****ing idea, you would know mundine came in bulky from league, had he not played league he would never of had the mass to fight at Super middle weight

The IBO NEVER ordered a rematch, this is a lie that Mundine haters and the 10 of Geales fans concoct. Phil Austin even posted on this site to verify no rematch was ever ordered.

Mundine was NEVER GGG's mandatoy you dumb ****wit. at the time Mundine was the higher ranked and it was to be for a vacant belt. Again mundine wanted to campain at a lower weight. UNLIKE GEALE,. who did wholeheartidly duck and drop a belt, yet get a free pass from the imbecilles on here

Mundine made an offer to trout, an offer for double his biggest pay day, Trout then after accepting about faced and asked for double again, and also an option on Mundines next fight. Why would Choc fight him for that>? He is not no option Geale!

On the other hand,
Geale Ducked a title fight with Martinez and sturm 2011
Geale ducked a fight with GGG 2011
Geale ducked a mandatory title and vacated a belt to not fight GGG 2012
Geale twice ducked mandatory Soliman 2012
Geale ducked big money offer of rematch from sturm 2012.

Geale unisputed cowardice champion
And you ducked the second load because you needed to take a breath
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