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Default Re: If YOU were Joe Calzaghe, would you come out of retirement to fight Andre Ward?

[quote=knockout artist;14136564][quote=Loudon;14135110]

It's what friday nights are about

He was a laugh, shame he's not on here. You and him had some great arguments!
Yeah I miss him on here. I used have great debates with Headbanger too.

I give you credit for taking him on! Not many have to nerve to take bailey on!
Ha! As daft as he is, he knows a hell of a lot about boxing.

Fair enough, I don't see Joe getting stopped but it's hypothetical
I think in 2002, it would have been close, but Roy would have taken it on points. But the Toney/Paz version of Roy definitely stops him. I'm certain of it. I respect your opinion though.

I'm not sure, but I know the Gonzalez fight was all ready to go
I'll look into it.

Regards, Loudon.
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