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Default Re: Young-Ho Oh 'The Korean Terror'

August 2, 1980

WBA Lightweight Champion, Hilmer Kenty makes the 'first defense' of
his Championship versus #9 WBA-ranked Young-Ho Oh.

The 25 year-old Champion, with a record of 17-0-0 (12 KO's), is a
10-1 Betting-Favorite.

At 5' 10 1/2", Hilmer will have a 5 1/2" height advantage, and a 6" reach
advantage over his 28 year-old Challenger, and OPBF Lightweight Champion.

Nobody in the Joe Louis Arena thinks Young-Ho will last more that 4-Rounds,
against the fast-punching Hilmer Kenty.

The Fight

Hilmer goes right after the Korean, and starts pummelling away, looking
for an early knockout for his hometown fans of Detroit.

The Champion is hitting away, but Young-Ho takes the battering,
and is still standing after 4-Rounds. Though Hilmer is over-powering
his Challenger, he fails to floor him.

In Round 5, Hilmer again tries for the knockout, but even after
hitting Young-Ho with his best punches, the Korean is still there in front
of him.

Hilmer Kenty looks arm-weary at the end of Round 5.

In Round 6, Young-Ho moves in closer to the Champion, to thwart
his long-range attack, and scores with his own one-two's to Kenty's
body. Kenty has to box and move more, as he is looking to catch
his second wind.

In Round 7, to the shock of everyone, Young-Ho is actually trying to
press the fight, and is moving forward, backing the Champion up.

As Hilmer tries to land a right hand lead, he misses, and Young-Ho counters
with a crushing right hand to Kenty's chin. Hilmer wobbles, and
is in some trouble and he backs to the ropes. Young-Ho moves in, and
scores with several crisp punches, as Kenty tries to grab the Korean.

The Champion, manages to hold on, and by the end of the Round has
regrouped, and starts to score with his left jab and long right hands.

In Round 8, Hilmer starts to hammer Young-Ho with left jabs, hooks
and uppercuts to the head and body. It is a one-sided Round 8 for the
Champion, as Young-Ho teeters, but does not fall.

In Round 9, a weary Young-Ho comes out for another battering. Hilmer
starts again with an assortment of punches, and by 1:45 Mark, the
Referee - Ernesto Magana is looking to stop it, as the Korean is near
defenseless. But, he allows it to continue for another 30-seconds, as
Hilmer tee's off with more solid punches to Young-Ho's head, before
stopping it at 2:15 of Round 9.

Scorecards at the time of the stoppage.
* 79-72 (7-1-0 in Rounds)
* 79-73 (6-1-1 in Rounds)
* 79-74 (5-1-2 in Rounds)
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