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Default Re: Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko vs. Oliver McCall.

Originally Posted by VG_Addict View Post
So, are you saying 99% of the posters on ESB suck?
about right

Originally Posted by VG_Addict View Post
What are some better forums?
It does not mean necessarily that in other forums it is better , but there r also other parameters 4 a forum's quality .

U rily Xpect me 2 recommend other forums here ? it may yield a ban , but i can surely post that bscene is worse , at least as far as its history section goes and it has also other disadvantages besides of it .
CBZ is worse as well . I opened n account there and could never post there .
There was another such forum but i will not bother 2 recall it because I never visited it since . I remember CBZ because it is mentioned here sometimes but i stopped visiting there since what i posted about and i mean not just de forum .

Luckily these r not de onli forums .

so Y u use so many accounts if u can not b banned ?
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