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Default Mesh headgear - experience w/em?

I'm looking at new headgear, and since i'm dirt poor, i'm looking for the best value for roughly under $80 US.

One of my biggest criteria, is it MUST have ear protection, and i'm not just talking a nice padded donut around the ear, but a bar or "c****" going across it, so I can quit blowing my damn ear drums out. Seriously, ****, how is it even legal to sell headgear that doesn't protect against blowing out your ****ing ear drums... that's like having a cup that protects everything except your *****. But that's another story....

One of them on Ringside's website is this one, that has mesh on the outside. Yeah, I know you can't go wrong with leather - so since this one is not leather, I wonder if the mesh is going to A: hold up / durability wise and B: if it affects performance (i.e. visibility, comfort, impact).


Anyone have any experience?
Or possibly other suggestions?

Keep in mind, I always hear good things about Fairtex, Reyes, Rival etc.. but I'm dirrrt poooor. So yeah, I know you can't put a price tag on safety - but unfortunately, I have my limits.

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