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Default Re: Rocky Marciano vs Joe Louis

I picked 'draw', not that I think that's how the fight would have turned out, but because I really don't have a favorite in this match-up.

This is Joe Louis, recorded interview, from the Murray Warner Alltime Heavyweight Radio Computer Tournament:

Murray Warner Computer Tournament

Louis-Fitzsimmons post fight interviews
(plugging the Marciano-Baer contest)

Comments begin at 1:03:15 (as found on the
Ali-Marciano Superfight dvd extras:
Audio Fights -- Luis/Fitzsimmons)

Interviewer: Joe, what about a fight between Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano?

Joe Louis: Well, I could say that very easily. Marciano beat me . . .

Interviewer (interupts): Oh, yeah, now that wasn't when you were at your best. I'm talking about when you were at your best, twenty-eight years old.

Joe Louis: Oh, I don't know. Marciano's the type of fighter I think is good enough and strong enough and takes a good enough punch to fight anybody.
I don't think that no one, (unclear word) either Dempsey or me, could say "I could beat Marciano".
I think the fight could be . . . It's close, it'd have to be a close fight, because he's too strong, and he could take a good punch, and he just . . . you just can't say that I could beat him.
I'd like to say that I'd fight him, all right, but who would win, I wouldn't know; but I'd like the pay for the fight -- I think it would draw money, though.
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