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Default Slightly disturbed..Roberto Duran and Steroids

On one of his youtube videos, a random youtuber wrote that he was most probably on steroids...

8 months after his last win at lightweight against Esteban De Jesus weighing 134, he came into the ring against Obando at 151lbs.

He also put on 8 1/2 lbs in 4 months from Fernandez to Muniz (this was before he moved back down to lightweight to fight Esteban De Jesus for the last time).

There were less stringent testing back then.

Roberto Duran used to balloon a lot after fights - however when he comes to cut and be ready for fights, surely he was in good shape by the time he was fighting someone like Obando?

I think this kind of weight gain is slightly suspicious but I still think there could be an explanation. Can someone put this to rest please?
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