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Default Re: Slightly disturbed..Roberto Duran and Steroids

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
duran isn't top 10 p4p. he lost to all the great fighters he faced. hearns beat the best collection of champions across the different weights. leonard was green against duran, he fought his fight, in 89 he beat him easy so that's all that matters.

Judah can stick and move, Duran never beat anyone who can move. Judah > Duran.
Dude you are not serious are you?

Duran's wins:
Koyabashi - a seriously great lightweight.
Ken Buchanan - a worthy hall of famer
Ernesto Marcel - a top lightweight who went on to beat Alexis Arguello
Esteban De Jesus
Guts Ishimatsu - DOMINANT lightweight
Saoul Mamby - a Cerevantes type fighter who lost many but also had a streak with lightweight championship wins, including win over Esteban De Jesus and others
Carlos Palomino - hall of famer
Sugar Ray Leonard once but dominated after
Slight loss to Benitez, loss to a random Kirkland Laing afterwards.
Beat GREAT fighter Davey Moore
Narrow loss to Hagler at middleweight, yes MIDDLEWEIGHT.
A COMPLETELY shot fighter a year after Hagler
Still beats Iran Barkley afterwards!
- Don't forget that he was ballooning in weight constantly throughout his career which has a bad effect on your body over time.
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