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Default Re: Daniel Geale on being stripped of his belt

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
Geale is ducking GGG and Soliman, no doubt about it.
Different day. Different TCboxa, and tomorrow will be a different TCboxa again >>>

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
Pure speculation at best m8, as much as you dont like to hear this, the fighter everyone wants Geale to face who has voted on the poll is Martinez followed by Mundine. Dont seem like such a clear message to me. It dont bother me if Geale fights Mundine, win loose or draw at the least it will stop all the sookie la la sht and finally put this issue to bed.
Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
I always said the most viable option for Geale was to fight Mundine, got a heap of sht put on me for saying so and was assured Geale would never fight Mundine again, yet here we have it.. No doubt as a FORMER Mundine fan ill be rooting for Mundine just to see Egg on all the faces of the Geale supporters who flung sht. If you live in glass houses u shouldnt throw stones
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