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Default Re: The Brawl in Montreal - who would defeat Duran on that night?

Originally Posted by MAG1965 View Post
well it seems tireless because my points are very simple. I am not coming up with some wild theory about gloves or something obscure. Simply, Leonard beat Duran and outclassed him in a rematch when he fought his fight when Duran was 29 and young and comfortable at a weight.[/QUOTE]

Yup, completely comfortable. Nothing unnatural about that transition here folks. Man, Leonard was really convinced Duran was going to come in diminished, but nothing gets past you MAG. Good thing this time Leonard decided to take his speed pellets and finally evolved into Prime SRL! Man were those score-cards wide!
training is such a necessary thing. He decided not to train for Leonard, and he trained all his other fights prior to this except for Dejesus one? If every great fighter made up excuses in a big fight and those excuses were accepted, no one would know who really won. And the fact Duran made up the not in shape excuse and also came up with the steak and 2 gallons of water excuse, shows he wanted a big excuse. What I am saying is not really too brilliant on my part. I am just saying common sense. A fighter fights a different style and wins a rematch, after he fights another fighters style. He changes and makes him quit in the rematch. To me this was obvious and it is very obvious Ray was the greater fighter based on his wins over great fighters. Duran had a great career. 120 fights, 4 titles. great fighter ,but Ray eclipses Duran because Ray could beat the greats - no matter what.
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