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Default Re: Ki-Soo Kim 'South Korea's First World Champion'

In Round 1,

In the photo below, Nino Benvenuti ducks to his left after landing a right hand on Ki-Soo Kim.

The South Korean countered with a right hook to Benvenuti's mid-section, and followed by a
choppping left to the crouching Italian.

Ki-Soo Kim, was able to more than hold his own over the first 10-Rounds, and his speed
bothered Benvenuti. And when Nino moved in, Ki-Soo would power his right hand into Nino's
face, and follow with short left hooks Nino's ribs.

Nino could not find his rythym, and was not able to land his usually effective left-rights.

After 10-Rounds, Ki-Soo had a 3-point lead.

But, Nino started to make a move in Round 11, as Ki-Soo Kim started to fade.

In between the 13th and 14th Rounds, the lower strand snapped, and the rope dropped to the canvas.

It took 10-minutes to make the repair of the loosened ropes, before the action continued.

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