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Default Re: How do you see Danny's strategy to win?

Originally Posted by aussie opinion View Post
fanny i belive u on the catchweight coz it has been green in just about every other fight, an ozzie still going for the kiwi .. prob only ever say that once in my life time..
just sumtin i dont like about green....briggs scandal, hyder,the tomato cans he fights, title pay offs.... if there is some1 worse thn mundine in boxing it is danny green..... atleast mundine has been good for the sport
Surely not. Cameron is ****,he weighed 214 last fight. Green whined about being drained against Mundine not until after he retired mind you and he weighed a mere 3lbs over 168 in his previous 2 fights. He wouldn't dare make Cameron come in under 200 he doesn't need to.
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