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Default Re: Geale will beat Golovkin

Go look in the ggg amms fights what happens if u fight close to him...direll and bute tried it and they hit the floor..
And there you go making **** up again. You obviously didn't watch the Direll fight seeing as he NEVER touched the canvas, you lying knob, not mention half of Dirells shots weren't counted by the judges.

GGG ko mundine in easy fashion and geale gets a ud decision over mundine..
Go figure...?
So going by your pathetic logic, because Ali lost to Berbick and Mike Tyson whooped Berbick in 2 rounds, does that mean Tyson would destroy Ali? Seeing as Mundine has not fought GGG, and Geale (at his peak)has not faced Mundine in the rematch yet, how the **** would you draw that conclusion??

Try to at least pretend you know something about boxing.
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