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Default Re: Slightly disturbed..Roberto Duran and Steroids

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
A few things, luf was joking.

Mamby was 'Cervantes like' in what way?!?! And he was a LIGHT WELTERWEIGHT champ' not lightweight.

Guts wasn't dominant. WTF?! How could he be? He didn't beat Duran for one!

Marcel was a great featherweight.

Davey Moore wasn't great in any way shale or form, precocious pro' and good offensive talent though.

Get your facts straight. Only seen a few posts from you, very enthusiastic but often incorrect Duran related posts. Luf was on a wind-up but don't go completely the other way.
Dude, for Mamby, the lightweight issue is not relevant because I'm talking about Duran's career as a whole. He's like Cervantes in that he's lost quite a few fights, but has performed well in others i.e in championship fights. Obv Cervantes is an ATG.

Guts was quite a dominant force you must admit. He beat Ken Buchanan, hard hitting Rodolfo Gonzalez etc.

Beating Marcel was a great achievement, he was only 5lbs lighter in his previous fight, and he did start fighting at the same weight he fought Duran. This is still a very good win for Duran.

Davey Moore was solid. He didn't need to have many fights to prove that. In fact, it further attests to his greatness to have only needed a few fights under his name to be able to beat Ayub Kalule and Wilfred Benitez (granted, Benitez was on decline, but still a solid fighter at the time).

Just make sure you don't forget his other great feats when replying to me poking non-existent holes in my comment. i.e Koyabashi, Buchanan, De Jesus, Palomino, Duran vs Leonard 1 and Duran vs Hagler being a close decision when Duran had no business being at middleweight.
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