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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Frank Bruno

Originally Posted by CarlesX7 View Post
Sup, man.

You'd pick Wlad over Lewis? How would you see that play out?

Also, hypothetically, if the two brothers weren't brothers, what do you think about that fight?
Hey bro!

Nah, Wlad wouldn't beat Lennox. Lennox fights, and he can do so inside. Wlad boxes, and he holds.

He'd inevitably try to hold when Lennox would be punching and s****ping for life, and Lennox would wallop him.

That's a styles match up, to me.

Wlad would destroy his brother. Vitali doesn't punch or attack the way he needs to, he's slower, he's weaker, and, while he's tougher with the stronger jaw, he's injury prone.

I honestly think Wlad is the far superior athlete and talent, and he'd wreck his brother. Wlad hit a horrible styles matchup that his brother was able to weather by going to war, and did a bit worse against Peter when he was struggling with is confidence.

Beyond that, their resumes and performances are in different leads. I don't think Lennox Lewis of his fight with Vitali survives prime Wlad, and I think that was CLOSE to prime Vitali(He was better in the Johnson and Williams fights, but he was approaching that form).
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