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Default Re: Slightly disturbed..Roberto Duran and Steroids

Originally Posted by anj View Post
Dude you are not serious are you?

Duran's wins:
Koyabashi - a seriously great lightweight.
Ken Buchanan - a worthy hall of famer
Ernesto Marcel - a top lightweight who went on to beat Alexis Arguello
Esteban De Jesus
Guts Ishimatsu - DOMINANT lightweight
Saoul Mamby - a Cerevantes type fighter who lost many but also had a streak with lightweight championship wins, including win over Esteban De Jesus and others
Carlos Palomino - hall of famer
Sugar Ray Leonard once but dominated after
Slight loss to Benitez, loss to a random Kirkland Laing afterwards.
Beat GREAT fighter Davey Moore
Narrow loss to Hagler at middleweight, yes MIDDLEWEIGHT.
A COMPLETELY shot fighter a year after Hagler
Still beats Iran Barkley afterwards!
- Don't forget that he was ballooning in weight constantly throughout his career which has a bad effect on your body over time.
Oh yes, this thread is as serious as it gets...
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