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Default Re: The ATG fighter's didnt need no stinkin' Strength and conditioners

Originally Posted by dempsey1234 View Post
Thats right but thats the first thing they throw at you, their credentials, "I have a master's degree in S&C, from Sakkachips university, and have worked with all kinds of athletes, Hockey Players, football players, basketball, and baseball." Thats fine have you ever trained a boxer? "Er' no but his muscle fiber, twitch muscles, explosive power, blah, blah, blah". Actual conversation with an S&C coach.

My point is that S&C coaches, the one's I have run into, seem to have no background in boxing and claim to know all there is to know, if you don't agree then you're old school.
They tend to whip out their resume if you question them about anything they perceive as old school.
1.He told you a good thing,what the hell is he supposed to say to you?
2.Background in boxing?LOL.
So let me guees if some S&C trainer wants to train a boxer he himself has to train boxing?Thats absurd.
So if i wanna go an be a s&c trainer of an astronaut i have to go to space it seems.
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