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Default Re: Daniel Geale on being stripped of his belt

It matters because there are ranking and No1 contender rules it place for a reason. Geale should be fighting the No1 in IBF before December 8. Since when was there a rule which allowed you to take a fight because its a big money fight instead of manditory?

Also Soliman's last 2 fights(combined together) = Geale's win against Karmizan. How about you do some research. Geale beat SFA apart from Karmizan before getting a shot against Sylvester.
Originally Posted by TheManBearPig View Post
FFS Geale is going to fight Soliman you illiterate idiot!! Soliman is going to get his shot at the winner of DG vs AM within 3 months of the as per the deal with IBF you moron, so what does it matter?

Soliman has earned **** all. He's feasted on a bunch of nuffies ranked between 50 to 100 to become the #1 contender while Geale beat the Ring ranked #8 Roman Karmazan to get his shot. the only thing he deserves is another beatdown from Mundine.
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