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Default Re: Ki-Soo Kim 'South Korea's First World Champion'

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
Please elaborate.
A couple of issues.

1) American Referee, Nick Pope. Scored the bout 74-68 (7-1-7 in Rounds) for Ki-Soo Kim.

2) Nino Benvenuti complained strongly about the American's scoring of the bout, and said
Mr. Pope did not appreciate good European-style boxing, of jabbing and clinching.

3) Nick Pope said he awarded points for aggressiveness. He did not give points for defense
and effective clinching.

4) Ki-Soo Kim had a solid lead after 10-Rounds.

5) Ki-Soo started to fade late in Round 11, as Nino finally got his rythym going.

6) Nino finally started to score with his precision left jabs in Rounds 12 and 13.

7) In between Rounds 13 and 14, the lower rope strand suddenly fell off the ring post brackets.

8} Ki-Soo Kim who looked weary after Round 13, got a break, when it took over 10-minutes to repair the rope strand.
And he got a much needed rest.

9) Nino Benvenuti put a towell over his head after Round 13, and sat on his stool waiting for te rope strand to be

10) Without any notice, the bell for Round 14 rang, and Ki-Soo bolted out of his corner and rushed at a
still sitting Nino, and caught him with a hard left to the nose.

11) The Referee - Nick Pope, who was slow to react, rushed into the corner to break up the action, and gave Nino
an extra 15-seconds to get prepared. He did warn Ki-Soo for his actions, but did not penalize him.

12) When Nino came out to start Round 14, he had a cut on the bridge of his nose from Ki Soo's surprise attack.

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