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Default Re: Geale will beat Golovkin

well thats what the IBF are doing letting Geale fight Mundine before his mandate fight with Soliman (December , for what reason, because Mundine fight makes more money (did not see that it rules). Whole thing is a rip off.
Originally Posted by Sandman_ View Post
Fat Boy - the WBA is a joke because they "insisted" that Sturm defend against Golovkin for zonks & then took no action against him when he didn't.

Within two months of Geale taking the belt off him, they strip Geale for taking a fight that is in his own & this country's best interests. That's applying a different set of rules to Geale than they applied to Sturm.

As for Geale "knowing" that he had to fight Golovkin if he won, that's disputed by the Geale camp who claim that the WBA's directive came after contracts to fight Sturm had been signed.

And if you still don't think the WBA is a joke, perhaps you could ask them to actually send Geale a belt before they attempt to strip him of it. Not sending Geale a belt for the sake of saving themselves a few bucks is a disgrace by anyone's standards.
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