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Default Re: Ki-Soo Kim 'South Korea's First World Champion'

More for Mister Flea

December 17, 1966

Jangchung Gymnasium

Attendance; 6500

World Light-Middleweight Champion - Ki-Soo Kim wins a 15-Round Unanimous Decision
over American - Stan Harrington in his 'first' title defense.

The 27 year-old 5' 7 1/2" - southpaw Champion took control of the bout in Round 3, and
dominated the action thru Round 8, including cutting his 33 year-old Challenger over
the right eye in Round 6 with a sharp left hook.

Ki-Soo maintained a steady attack, by administering hard body blows on the veteran
fighter from Hawaii.

But, the Champion started to fade in Round 10, and the 5' 9" Harrington started to come on,
by delivering hard right hand leads to the Champion's face.

The Challenger fought well in Rounds 10, 11 and 12, but in Round 13 suffered a severe cut
over his eye when he was 'butted' by the Champion, which hampered his vision. The Champion
then held on over the last 2-Rounds, by clinching and hitting the now cautious Challenger.

Scorecards for all '3' South Korean Officials.
* 74-67 (8-1-6 in Rounds)
* 73-69 (6-2-7 in Rounds)
* 73-66 (9-2-4 in Rounds)

The Champion - Ki-Soo Kim improves to 25-0-2. The Challemger -Stan Harrington drops to 63-18-3.

The Associated Press had Ki-Soo Kim ahead 6-0-3 after 9 Rounds. Stan Harrington who fought patiently,
started to come on in Round 10, as the Champion started to fade. The 33 year-old veteran showed
great stamina, and took Rounds 10, 11 and 12. In Round 13, the Challenger had landed several good right
hands, when the Champion 'butted' him, causing a severe cut over Stan's left eye.

From that point on, the Champion moved in close to the Challenger, and clinched and hit to edge out
Stan Harrington in Rounds 14 and 15.

The Associated Press finally tally was 71-67 {8-4-3 in Rounds}.

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