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Default Re: The ATG fighter's didnt need no stinkin' Strength and conditioners

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
Weight training doesn't equate to musclebound you ****ing ****. You think a guy who fought for 45 rounds fought with intensity?
Jeez, now who is the "****"? I am sure with your superior intellect you might have misunderstood what I was trying to say. Old timers as well as new school guys have to agree training with weights builds muscle, but if you do it correctly then it helps thats why its call strength training. Thats why I mentioned chopping wood, pulley's, medicine *****, they did their own version of strength training they didn't have these hi tech machines they have now and to tell you the truth not many gyms or guys can afford to join another gym, or may not even have access to a S&C coach where they live.
Weight training to me means training with weights, and training with weights can make you musclebound. A fighter should do some strength training, is something we can all agree on.
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