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Default Re: The ATG fighter's didnt need no stinkin' Strength and conditioners

Originally Posted by pecho26 View Post

1.He told you a good thing,what the hell is he supposed to say to you? No mumbo jumbo stuff that only he can understand most coaches understand some but not all.
2.Background in boxing?LOL. Not have a background in boxing LOL
So let me guees if some S&C trainer wants to train a boxer he himself has to train boxing?Thats absurd.
Sorry but I may be different than you cos I want to know know what boxers they have worked with. An S&C coach should have a background in whatever they do, what fits from another athlete may not fit for boxing, and experimenting with a guys career is not good. Each sport has specific areas they need worked on. I didnt say they had to be boxing trainers.
So if i wanna go an be a s&c trainer of an astronaut i have to go to space it seems.
Thats silly but you should have a background on what is needed.
You're basically saying that if a S&C coach want's to train an athlete in their sport then the S&C coach must have experience of the sport? That's ridiculous.

Boxing puts an athlete's body under certain stresses, no different to other sports. An S&C coach understands these stresses and knows what is required to train the athlete to their full potential in their given sport. In no way does a S&C coach have to have any experience whatsoever in boxing to train a boxer for his strength and conditioning requirements. All he/she needs to know is the stresses created by the sport.

BTW, all top coaches experiment on their athletes with new training techniques, except for maybe boxing, hence the reason we have clueless people like yourself spouting ****.

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