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Default Re: The ATG fighter's didnt need no stinkin' Strength and conditioners

Originally Posted by dempsey1234 View Post
Any decent coach can get a guy in shape for a four or six rd fight.

Just cos there are new and improved ways to get a guy in condition doesn't mean that it is the only way to get a guy into condition. Maybe you come from a big city and can afford to have a S&C coach handy most rural areas fighters may not have access to them or the new hi tech machines.

it's a no-brainer a S&C coach can get a guy into shape cos he is primarily working on condition.

A boxing coach has to oversee what is being worked on and and how hard its being worked on.

The thing you may not understand is there are different levels of boxing. "for the guys at the top who have reached there peak in boxing skill, maybe a bit more strength or conditioning can take them to the next level."

"For guys that are still learning their craft, you need to spend more time learning boxing and less conditioning."
You just need to know how much time to spend on each. Always come into the ring fit." And thats where the boxing coach comes in.

The point of this tread is simple you dont need a S&C coach, believe it or not there are ways to get a guy ready for the hardest fights that dont involve S&C coaches.
1.How the hell is he gonna supervise something what he doesnt understand?!
2.Yes you need a S&C coach at profesional level.
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