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Default Re: Why is Audley Harrison hated so much?

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I for one cannot understand the personal abuse aimed at the man, some of the criticism as a boxer and his mentality in the ring is justified. But the man is a gentleman outside of the ring and causes no harm to anyone. He is not like some of the scum in the boxing world, out of the ring, to me, he comes across as a humble man. And some of the vile sick abuse he receives on here and in the mainstream I find disgusting and a form of bullying. He aint done f*ck all to any of you personally. And it seems like the "lets all laugh at Emile Heskey" bandwagon, because its the "in" thing to do. "Lets all point the finger and laugh at the scapegoat"

Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!

The BBC excuse is bull**** and you know it! He didn't pay himself that money, BBC paid it! And if you think thats bad, then I suggest you have a good hard long look at the BBC NOW and what they spend money on. Bare in mind, not all of it is being spent, and some ***** on top gear who gets paid to act a middle aged idiot for a living, is earning millions a year.

Nobody has a say on where that money gets spent, they take it and blow it up the wall on phone in vote competitions on a weekend.

And considering the byas ****e BBC throw out, brainwash, and waste money on still to this day, AND employed a compulsive paedophile for years, I give Audley a thumbs up for raping them on that contract.....a modern day Robin Hood!

You may be laughing at Audley, but guess what, Audley is laughing at you.....because he made it and milked it.
When I am spending my hard earned wages on paying to see him "fight" that gives me justification in my eyes to cast an opinion on him.
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