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Default Re: Slightly disturbed..Roberto Duran and Steroids

Originally Posted by anj View Post
I'm from UK, we use a different lingo.
Guts' 'quality' winning streak did make him a dominant force in the lightweight division, period.

Whether you say I don't have 'much of a clue' or not does not matter to me, I believe I addressed the person I was responding to appropriately. The person said 'duran isn't top 10 p4p. he lost to all the great fighters he faced.'
I'm from the UK and you just used 'period'nob. Your explanation is **** poor. Admit you got some details wrong.

Lets talk about Guts then, and let's talk about Gato. What was it about Guts that made him such a quality performer and how 'dominant' can you be with the opponents he'd beaten (in that run) and without beating the no.1 in the division.

Again, check a dictionary for the meaning of 'dominant'.
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