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Default Re: Saoul Mamby vs Howard Davis Jr.

Originally Posted by Cobra33 View Post
No offense but I don't consider Mamby all that.
His fight with Dejesus consisted of alot of holding before he finished him off in the 13th.And Dejesus was no longer in his pime.
Mamby appears to me to be very awkward with a sound chin.
I mean I have the Dejesus bout and I don't consider that a boxing masterpiece.I mean there were so many clinches in that bout it wasn't funny.
Mamby wouldn't be able to deal with Davis's speed.And Davis movement would present Mamby with huge problems.
Davis defeats Mamby by decision.
Mamby had a quality jab.

Watch his K.O over Kim, who one of the hardest punchers of all time couldn't stop. IMO Mamby got the better of Viruet (also on YouTube) and IMO Haley and Costello were not bad 10 stone fighters at all.

Regardless, this is about Davis. Mamby would beat Davis by decision, handily.
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