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Default Re: Why is Audley Harrison hated so much?

Originally Posted by widdy View Post
im just gonna say if craney and PK are spouting there essays in a thread ,it aint worth reading.
oh and i aint read it,saw PK and craneys long winded drivel and give up.
Unfortunately widdy waddy, some of us haven't been brainwashed down to zombies on ****ter. And some of us still have the ability to express an opinion articulately, and also back it up. If that means a paragraph or two, then so be it. If *****s like you who don't want to read it, because its a bit long for you, then carry on, browse straight over without saying anything......

But no, widdy waddy can't keep his mouth shut. And the fact that your complaining and forming an opinion, tells me, you did read it, you read it all.....and now your just here to argue.

And you won't win. Bud. Ever. Trust me.

I'm on another level.
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