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Default Re: Why is Audley Harrison hated so much?

he doesnt get the respect he deserves as former wbf heavyweight champion of the world
Originally Posted by hughesa View Post
Wanted to ask this after the Price fight, but here goes... I don't get it. I read thousands of comments after that fight, from here to the daily mail to twitter. They all seemed to include a reference to at least one of the following: 'fraudley' 'coward' '****' 'cnt' 'retire' 'i hate him' 'lacks heart' etc etc. I think only Osama Bin Laden and Hitler come close to him in the hate department.

I read comment after comment and was just confused. I just could not work out what he had done to deserve so much hate. I finally concluded that most people are just sheep and have no idea why they hate him or if they even hate him at all and are just repeating what everybody else is saying.

I understand he promised he was going to be world champion. But that is called Hype, and without it boxing would be DEAD. I know if Haye debacle. But maybe, just maybe, he was injured like he said he was. He did get injured the Sprott fight, and it is possible he was still suffering from this issue. And considering how much cash he got for this fight he would have been stupid to turn it down.

Also, it is amazing how people can call him a coward or similar yet have never even been in a ring. I have never been in a ring either and so no it is ridiculous to call a man who takes punches for a living a coward.

Plus, given how much money Audley is paid to fight, who can blame him if he decides to postpone his retirement. He has got to earn a living.
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