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Default Re: Difference between cross and straight?

Originally Posted by itliangladiator View Post
A cross has a little loop to it and more downward momentum at the point of impact. Yes, it can cross over the opponent's guard, and that's probably where it got its name. It does not have be a counter however. It's a very good punch to throw when an opponent protects the front of his face very good with his hand. A straight is more linear and reaches the point of impact quicker.
Correct Sir,

The cross can go over an opponents lead or not. The cross is usually
thrown from the chin, and when you let it go, you rotate your hips and
torso to the left (if you have an orthodox stance).

If you box from an orthodox stance, and your opponent moves to his right
(which would be your left), you rotate your hips and torso and fire the

It can go over your opponents lead, but if it doesn't, it is still called a
'cross punch'.

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