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Default Re: Rendall Munroe vs Scott Quigg II predictions?

Originally Posted by SkillspayBills View Post
Not sure how long Quigg can box out of his natural mentality and style. Espicially fighting a guy who's fit as a fiddle,big and strong and gets more and more into it as rounds go on.

To box differently to your mentality and style is hard, takes even more focus and you tire mentally as well as physically. Quigg boxed lovely in round 2 and early in the 3rd but not sure if he could keep that level up for 12 rounds.

Munroe though isn't no puzzle, it's about keeping him respectful and fighting centre ring and making him miss. If Quigg gets forced back he's in trouble, Munroe would run him over on ropes with workrate.

Tough, Close fight. Cor this fence ain't half hurting my backside .
He apparently did it against Gavin Reid for eight rounds until he was instructed by Brian Hughes to go on the front foot. I've also seen him box and move against others like Allione and Varela. Obviously he has been a bit gung ho against Booth and Arthur, but he has shown the versatility to box to a different game plan before.

Whether he can carry out a disciplined gameplan against someone like Munroe remains to be seen, however. But as you say, he looked good from the second round onwards in their first contest, and that makes me tip it in his favour slightly for the rematch.
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