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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Ray Robinson

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
Only way he survives if is he stinks the joint out. Mayweather is nowhere near proven to say he can even be competitive with an operator of Robinson's calibre and style. Same goes for Floyd Against Hearns (not saying Tommy and Ray are alike) they're just horrible matchups for him.

Ray was made of iron as well. What would Floyd show him?

On paper you wouldn't expect Jimmy McLarnin to waste Young Corbett III inside a round, Nunn to catch Kalambay, Hearns to blast Duran. But here, stylistically I actually cannot fathom how Floyd wouldn't be taking **** loads of quick bombs. Ray would open his defence up.
I've always maintained that Mayweather matches up better with Robinson than he does with Leonard. I think the elder Ray would be more inclined to Box with Mayweather, where as Leonard would be more agressive. Just an inkling.

Flea, I don't think Mayweather wins here, but I do think that the holes in Robinson's defence allow Mayweather (let's make no mistake, Mayweather would stink the place out.) to steal some rounds on clean punching.

I don't disagree that Robinson wins, and I can even see the knockout, but in the early rounds? That's disrespectful to Mayweather, who is great in his own right, and not really a natrual Welterweight. I think his mind keeps him in this fight.
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