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Default Re: Dillian Whyte tests positive for banned substance

Right just watched that interview..

Just wondering how often they test fighters nowadays domestically?. Didn't Price say he hasn't been tested and someone post about Smith's reply about testing if there's suspicion or tipped off?.

I think someone's tipped them off about him, i think he's a complete fool TBH. He goes round and round in cirles for 18mins but the jist of it is. You took a supplement without asking your Nutritionist!. Just asked the bloke and the bloke was like ''yeah should be alright''. My word that's ridiculous! and he knows it. Carl Froch is the way forward he writes down everything!. Nothing left out and that my man is what a true professional athelete is.

In 2012 we've seen plenty of guys banned, yet this lad takes something without even looking. He's a athlete so the car sales man parable doesn't wash for me. I think what's happened is as he said he was jaded and feeling effects of sessions due to no real breaks and used this stuff. I think due to the lax attitude to doping and insignificance of his fight probably fought there'd be no test anyways if it was illegal.

I dunno i just don't see the naivity there with him TBH. I don't like the Twitter comment about ''I was looking forward to beating John Up''. Think he should remember who's the fool of the day today.

It's a shame, he was another bright prospect domestically. Was looking forward to the fight with Big John. But the replacement is a good fight. Price's leftovers but still a good solid replacement.

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