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Default Re: Classic Forum -Talk About Anything (Mods please dont move)

Originally Posted by Garrus View Post

**** yeah Cobra.

SON, BioShock 2 can be passed but BioShock Infinite will be ***** to wall.


So, Garrus. You're a good authority on this. Is Bioshock about Mass Effect quality? It doesn't seem like it'll be a character-based game at all, so I won't be forging completely fabricated yet wonderfully endearing friendships (that may or may not have caused a few tears to be shed and deep rage to emanate) with epic characters like Mordin or Garrus, but can it compete with it on the whole? It's a damn atmospheric game. I've been ****ing spooked for most of the brief time I've played it.

The Mass Effect series is the most impressive thing I've personally ever seen in gaming, and by some distance, so it's my go-to comparison for the really special ones I come across. Bioshock on par?

*I want to know just what I'm getting into and how much of my life for the next few weeks will revolve solely around this*
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