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Default Re: Classic Forum -Talk About Anything (Mods please dont move)

Originally Posted by Garrus View Post
First off, add me on PS3.

It's nothing like Mass Effect but the quality of it is on par.

There will be moments that will be disgustingly beautiful, and one of my favorite moments of gaming is at the heart of this.

Character wise, Andrew Ryan is one of the best characters in recent video game history. His philosophy is a whole other discussion itself.

The atmosphere, as you touched upon yourself, is what truly makes this game and is what's it all about.

Enjoy the ride.

"Fly away little moth!"
I don't have a PS3, man! I have brief and occasional access to one.

I hardly ever actually did anything when I was playing the Mass Effect games. Skyrim, as well (which I was also late to). I got this feeling that Bioshock will be something similar. I get hooked real easily. It's why I try to avoid them.

As for Metal Gear, I've played one, and that was a long time ago. Don't know which, but it had that Psycho Mantis dude in it. That's the only thing I can vividly remember about the game, because fighting him was crazy. It's a really early gaming memory for me, but still there. From back in the long, long ago.

If their that damn good I might have to work my way through them, but man, that's a lot to get into. Dozen or so games, right? A lot going on there.
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