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Default Re: Daniel Geale on being stripped of his belt

clauses like that is total rort. What special extension did a Geale-Mundine fight present? just more money for everyone thats it. Geale was not fighting a unification, other org manditory or was injuried. These are the only special exention circumstances that would be valid. Not because a fight against someone else will make more money.

If Melbourne beat the Bulldogs for the fight to play Manly in grand final, do they get told to wait till next year because the 4th placed Brisbane Broncos is a bigger selling GF against Manly.

Originally Posted by TheManBearPig View Post
The winner of DG vs AM must face the high gorilla within three months. Geale was granted a special extension by the IBF (which is in their rulebook so have a read of it or have someone read it to you, douchebag) under the condition that he (assuming he beats Mundine) fights SS within that extended period so the boxing prostitute is still the #1 contender and is guaranteed a shot at the title, you fool.

Right so Garth Wood (#32 LOL) and Giovanni Lorenzo (#49) are = to Geales TKO win over the Rings #8, former world champion Roman Karmazan?? LOL get Solimans nutsack out of your mouth, deluded moron.

For someone who "loves the sport of boxing", you sure as hell know **** all about it
Wood beat Mundine, who beat Geale. Lorenzo fought for title, and Soliman beat him just as well-if not better than Sturm. Albert was beaten by Soliman as well as Geale did. Karmaizan went 12 wilt McKart who Mundine TKO in 7, and drew with Sylvester - which is only a tad better than Lorenzo SD loss to him.

Topic over. Your rose coloured glasses are superglued to your face.

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