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Default Re: Can someone breakdown Hameds last 10 opponents using modern day equivalents?

Originally Posted by macho_grande View Post
Although I was a boxing fan back then, I didnít really have a clue what was going on.

I see people talk about Hameds record but I can never really comment.

As I said in the title thread, can anybody use modern day equivalents (domestic, European or world) as an alternative to the Princeís last 10 fights.


Manuel Calvo
Barrera (ignore him)
Augie Sanchez
Vuyani Bungi
Cesar Soto
Paul Ingle
Wayne McCullough
Wilfredo Vazquez
Kevin Kelley
Jose Badillo
I'll make a half assed go at it. As for comparisons with modern fighters you may have to wait for more knowledgeable posters.

Badillo at the time was considered fairly useful and it's considered one of Nazs best performances. Don't think he achieved much after his beating by Naz.
Kelly was quite faded but still fast, sharp and experienced.
Vazquez was past it but not completely and utterly.
Wayne McCullough was a decent fighter, tough as **** with great workrate but not much power.
Paul Ingle was a similar model to Wayne but not quite as good. Useful though.
Soto-Never saw this fight, a decent name on the record but apprently an awful fight.
Bungu. Another good name but maybe slightly on the downside. Good example of Nazs punching power.
Sanchez was quite the banger but didn't acheive much after the fight.
I know nothing of Calvo.
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