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Default Re: Can someone breakdown Hameds last 10 opponents using modern day equivalents?

Manuel Calvo - another average fighter for Naz to build some confidence up against after the loss. Naz looked **** and rightfully retired
Barrera (ignore him)
Augie Sanchez - Great KO but he was average at best
Vuyani Bungi - LONG reigning 122 title holder. Held the belt for about 6 years prior. I thought this was a very good win for Naz.
Cesar Soto - **** fight. Never rated Soto.
Paul Ingle - Would go on to beat a past it Junior Jones and pick up a title before being terrible injured.
Wayne McCullough - Tough ******* who was still challenging for titles years after losing to Naz.
Wilfredo Vazquez - Was past it but was the lineal FW champ who also held the WBA title when he faced Naz - but was stripped because of politics.
Kevin Kelley - Faded, did go on to face (and lose to) Morales and Barrera
Jose Badillo - Lost a previous title fight against Boom Boom Johnson. I thought he was average.
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