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Default Re: Daniel Geale on being stripped of his belt

Indeed the topic is over seeing as you have revealed the true extent of your stupidity to the whole Aussie forum. You just compared two completely different sports with completely different rules. Good one spastic.

This is boxing, you ****ing moron which means nothing is set in stone and it has been like that way for a long time. It's within the IBF rule book that they can grant an extension to the champions mandatory period under the condition that the champion must fight the #1 challenger within that period (3 months). If you don't like those rules than you can **** off and go watch men dry hump each other in the UFC. Trust me, your opinion won't be missed.

The fact that you are even trying to justify the quality of the high ape's last two wins shows how stupid you are. Neither Garth Woods or GL have won world titles or have ever been ranked within the top 10 by the Ring Magazine so you can cram that stupid comparison where it belongs and that's in the ****ter.

Do this forum a favor and take your stupidity over to the MMA forums because I'm sure you'll fit right in.
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