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Default Re: Can someone breakdown Hameds last 10 opponents using modern day equivalents?

Imagine if Moreno takes a year out. Comes back at featherweight and gets spanked by Gamboa in his first fight back. That's how the win over Bungu should rank, even though at the moment I consider Bungu the better fighter than Moreno (of he beats Mares well he'll be well on his way to making up the gap)

Boro Chris has done a good job.

Kelley was never brilliant IMO but he was a solid offensive fighter and experienced.

Augie Sanchez is like a Litzau level fighter with better offence but lesser opposition. Quality amateur though apparently, I might be wrong but did he beat Floyd in the AAUs or summat?! Either way, not much good at all, think he was forcibly retired for having a shocking chin. Naz was well into his 'no effort' stage and still wrecked Augie, who, bless him, probably felt he was doing well. But Naz was just all over the shop.

Wilfredo Vasquez: don't believe the hype. It's easy to go 'wow, titles in all these divisions' but his chin failed him a few times and he was a pretty straight up boxer-puncher. Had just scored a savage Ring Magazine K.O of the year though. I guess it would kinda' be like beating a better Jhonny Gonzalez.

Calvo was poor and that's why Naz really ruined his career. Losing to Barrera but winning a few rounds? **** happens. Looking this **** against Calvo and then retiring? Just an abysmal end to a frequently spectacular career.

Ingle was pretty solid IMO. Junior Jones win was ace for him. Bad injury not so much but he was a gritty fighter who, while basic, knew what he was doing. If Carl Frampton now fought the best Paul Ingle he would not win. Not fair on Carl that but a quick comparison for the OP, not flaming Frampton, good lad and solid prospect.

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