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Default Re: Haye going to the jungle.

ey man, one more poem before i get me a drink o drink

Haye better not get bitten by a snake on his toe...
he needs to stay away from the females in case he gets seduced by a hoe
**** tha mosquitos getting up in his corn rows
he better worry bout the black widows
in the ring he was ****sure, he would outscore, and coulda been part of folklore
with his t-shirts he created uproar
but now......folks just see him an attention *****
this is no way to prepare for vitali Klitschko
he should be training not taking part in a tv show
but if he fancies himself as an A-lister
Vitali's gonna pop him like he's a ****in blister

and that ladies and gentlemen, is so damn plaaaain to see right y'all can see. goodnight.
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