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Default Re: Dillian Whyte tests positive for banned substance

Originally Posted by im sparticus View Post
Where is this news released from?
Why would boxer take arganine? As far as i can see arganine can be counterproductive. I just dont agree thatjacked is a suitable supp for boxeres. And dimethylamylamine can be obtained on its own. Although you are right ot isnt easy to source
It's been reported by boxrec, The Sun and 'The Scene' among others, yes it's not exactly the BBC, but it seems likely that what has been reported is genuine and he's been banned for DMAA.

L-Arginine is a precursor to Nitric Oxide, and has been reported to endogenously increase the levels of Nitric Oxide in the body, which itself has been shown to improve performance will improve endurance. Now the effectiveness of L-Arginine actually increasing levels of Nitric Oxide in the body other than in those low in Arginine is highly debatable and therefore the likelyhood it will improve performance in the majority is imo quite low.

However Dietary Nitrate supplementation has shown to be an effective method of increasing levels of Nitric Oxide and improving endurance performance in both both acute and chronic doses (dosing periods ranging from 1 day to 15 days) and there is some evidence to suggest it may be able to increase strength levels when taken over a chronic period. As I mentioned before you can buy concentrated shots of beetroot juice to achieve this, although it is also possible through changes in the diet and consuming more leafy greens and other vegetables high in dietary nitrate such as beetroot.

Is JackEd suitable for boxers ?, well the original clearly isn't because it's banned. Is the new one ?, well that's up to the fighter if they feel they need a pre workout supplement. It certain seems to have benefits for usage during weight and resistance sessions so from that point of view you could make a case for it.
However Most of the ingredients in it I would deem to be pretty useless and I would suggest using caffeine powder instead as I stated before, but the power of placebo is very strong. Dr Ben Goldacre (author of a decent book called Bad Science) has commented on this many times and paraphrasing: It has been shown that when people take a painkiller like paracetamol/Ibuprofen, they report lower levels of pain when the pill has come from a shiny box than cost a few quid, rather than a cheap one which looks like it cost 20p, with the same actual dose involved. So maybe that big price tag and shiny packaging will help them lift more, gain a little more mass, get a little stronger and possibly improve their boxing performance as a result.

Originally Posted by im sparticus View Post
Its for bodybuilding not strength training (2 different things)
It's for both as far as I'm aware. Pre workout supplements are not designed to add mass directly. They are designed to increase strength and endurance and therefore athletes can train harder/longer and get gains from this. The Creatine, Beta-Alanine, Arginine and other compounds are in there to supposedly improve endurance, and you're right that these are not there for strength training purposes, they are there to increase the amount of reps/sets that may be performed in order to induce hypertrophy. Stimulants like caffeine and DMAA on the other hand are, they are included for the purpose of helping you to lift more, although also lift more for more reps.
So from that point of view the supplement could be used for bodybuilding or strength training.

I personally do not and have not taken any pre workout supplements, while I was training for Boxing, Gaelic Football, Rugby League/Union, bar on a handful of occasions (during weight sessions) out of curiosity to see their effect and if they were any use. I simply do/did not feel the need as I believe strong motivation can largely make up for the kick that you get from stimulants, and you don't have that risk of disturbing sleep. Not to mention these supplements are very expensive.

Of course my beliefs on many of these substances could prove to be incorrect. There is research out there to suggest Beta-Alanine, L-Arginine, L-Citrulline etc etc is succesful at improving performance, most of this is imo poor research, but again that's only my opinion. I would seriously recommend anyone that takes these pre workout supplements to try just caffeine alone as a pre-workout supplement, as if you get the same performance benefit it will work out much cheaper for you.
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