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Default Re: Dillian Whyte tests positive for banned substance

Originally Posted by boxon View Post
No- if you read the Ryan Barrett judgement its completly different to

Dodsons and Macrinellia. Ryans story kept changing and then he blamed

people for handing him "red bull mixed with some unknown powder"

Theres no cover up with Dillian Whyte the UKAD have already established

that the reading was caused by Jack3d.

Clearly a genuine mistake and i hope he is treated fairly.
I have, hence why I stated 'thus if anyone is wondering why Barrett got a much longer sentance than Enzo or Dodson it becomes obvious with reading the cases'. I don't know which of them (if any) knowingly used an illegal stimulant, but I do know Dodson and Enzo presented very good cases compared with Barrett. But then again you'd expect higher profile fighters, with more money and better teams around them to do just that.
Not that it would of been hard for Barrett to present a much better case than he did, and their shambolic efforts to argue reasons for the positive test undoubtedly led to his much lengthier suspension.

Had he presented a similar story to Enzo or Dodson (which would mean he would assumedly be lying*), he would probably have also got 5-6 months. The difference between them is not necessarily what happened, just what was presented as having happened.

Whyte will likely get 6 months, which I feel in itself is somewhat harsh. He took a banned stimulant during training (not a fight), unknowingly (I believe), and I feel fining him the value of his purse for his last fight would be sufficient. Although on top of this should be a 2 year suspended ban which would be applied if he tests positive for anything in the future (+ the length of ban for whatever he hypothetically takes), as there's now no reason at all for him not to be fully educated on exactly what he can and can't take and be particularly meticulous about this.

*Just to clarify I'm not saying Enzo or Dodson is lying, incase people thought that's what I meant by that statement.
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